Alternative Process Room

PCNW is equipped to work with a variety of alternative process techniques.

Our Alternative Process room has two large UV light boxes, a variety of contact printing frames, a large selection of mixing and measuring equipment, sink space and counter space – basically everything you need for alt process, just bring your skills and the process-specific materials. Additionally, individuals may access our Digital Lab and B&W Darkroom to take full advantage of the possibilities within alternative process.

Photo by Lilly Everett, PCNW Staff

Access & Rental

Amateurs and professionals alike may reserve space in the darkrooms (including alternative process), digital labs, or studios up to a week in advance of the desired appointment date. If you are new to PCNW, a free orientation to assess your skills / approve you for use of particular alternative processes and to cover policies, equipment use, check-in procedure, and safety issues is required.


To make a reservation and/or schedule your orientation/assessment, call us at 206.720.7222 x0 or e-mail pcnw@pcnw.org.

New to Alternative Process?

Take a class or workshop to learn techniques for:

– Cyanotypes
– Van Dyke
– Kallitype
– Platinum/Palladium
– Gum Bichromate
– Albumin
– Creating Digital Negatives
…and more

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