Hours / Rates

Mon – Thu | 12-9pm
Fri | Closed
Sat – Sun | 12-6pm

Hours may change during holidays or between quarters. Darkroom, Digital Lab and Studio availability varies due to class schedules. Please contact the front desk at frontdesk@pcnw.org or 206.720.7222 x0 for information about day to day availability.

Upcoming Closure Dates/Changes in Hours
>> May 29. 2023 | Memorial Day
>> June 9 – 18, 2023 | Early Summer Break
>> July, 4, 2023 | Independence Day (Mon)
>> August 11 – September 10, 2023 | Late Summer Break


The facilities at PCNW are open to all individuals from amateurs to professionals to hobbyists. Individuals may reserve a space in the darkroom, digital lab, or studio up to a week in advance of the desired appointment date. If you are new to PCNW, you will be asked to participate in a free orientation of the facilities which covers equipment use, check-in procedure, safety issues and policies.

Students currently enrolled in classes and members of PCNW receive special discounts on rental rates for the facilities. Enroll in a class or become a Member and take advantage of this great benefit!

To schedule an orientation, contact us at 206.720.7222 x0 or pcnw@pcnw.org.

Review our COVID-19 Safety Protocols for current information about PCNW’s response and requirements for lab users, students, faculty, and staff.


Public Member/PCNW Student
20 hour pre-paid block n/a $140.00 + tax ($7/hr)
40 hour pre-paid block n/a $200.00 + tax ($5/hr)
60 hour pre-paid block n/a $225.00 + tax ($3.75/hr)
Unlimited Use Pass n/a $650 + tax – Unlimited facilities use for two consecutive quarters
Public Member/PCNW Student
Film Processing $12/hr $8/hr
Enlarger $12/hr $8/hr
Public Member/PCNW Student
$12/hr $8/hr
Public Member/PCNW Student
Computer Rental $12.00/hr $8.00/hr
Dry Scanning $20.00/hr $16.00/hr – Students currently enrolled in a Scanning class may rent a scanner for $8/hr or deduct the hours from a pre-paid rental block
Wet-Mount Scanning $30.00/hr $24.00/hr – Students currently enrolled in a Scanning class may rent a scanner for $8/hr or deduct the hours from a pre-paid rental block
Print Charge / PCNW Paper $0.06/sq inch (based on paper size) $0.06/sq inch (based on paper size)
Print Charge / Personal Paper $0.05/sq inch (based on image size) $0.05/sq inch (based on image size)
Public Member/PCNW Student
Studio Rental – Please note that only current students who are taking, or have passed our Light Control class, are eligible to use PCNW lighting equipment. Other renters must provide their own equipment but may use our backdrops and modifiers. Rental times may be restricted to give preference to current students; contact our front desk for more information. $40.00/hr $24.00/hr – Students currently enrolled in a Studio class may rent a studio for $8/hr. All usage can be deducted from a pre-paid rental block.
Public Member/PCNW Student
Grey Card $12/hr $8/hr
Copy Stand $8/hr FREE
Dry Mount Press $8/hr FREE
Matt Cutter $8/hr FREE
Matt Cutter Blades $0.25/blade $0.25/blade
Portable Lighting Kit n/a FREE to students currently enrolled in a Studio class; not available to members
4×5 Camera n/a FREE to students currently enrolled in a Large Format class; not available to members
Storage Locker $35.00/quarter + $25 key deposit $35.00/quarter + $25 key deposit

*FACILITY RENTAL BLOCKS – Rental blocks are valid for hourly usage only; digital scanning and studio time is multiplied by 2 or 3 respectively when deducted from rental blocks (some exceptions for Students may apply). Digital printing fees (ink + paper) are charged separately. Rental blocks are valid for two academic quarters and expire at the end of this time frame. Blocks will be valid from the first day of an academic quarter (or time of purchase if after the start of the quarter) and will expire on the last day of the following academic quarter. No exceptions. Not available to public users.

What’s included?
Facility rental rates include the use of equipment and materials such as an enlarger, film processing tank, darkroom chemistry, computer, scanner, studio lighting, etc. Renters are expected to provide their own materials such as film, paper (for darkroom or digital printing), digital file storage devices and means of transporting prints.

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