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By contributing to PCNW you’re helping us sustain vital artist resources such as affordable access to darkrooms, digital labs, and studios; innovative education offerings and need-based scholarships; and always-free exhibitions and companion public programs such as artist lectures, panel discussions, and visual literacy workshops.

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Gift Matching: Your company may be able to double or triple your donation.

Legacy Gifts: If you are interested in making a donation in memory of a loved one or would like to make a planned gift to PCNW in your will, please contact executive director Terry Novak or call 206.720.7222 x 12.

In-Kind Contributions: Have time, expertise or equipment to donate? We can find a match with our programs. Check out our WISH LIST!

Corporate Sponsorship Join the ranks as a sponsor to provide vital support for our gallery, education and outreach programs. We would be happy to recognize your contribution and provide our community with information about how you or your business supports this local arts organization. To invest in the Photographic Center Northwest mission, or find out more about sponsorship, contact Terry Novak.

Why Donate? What our community has to say…

Photography has been critical in my life. It’s taught me how to see and observe closely. Over the years, I’ve learned to convey what I know about this world in visual terms. What PCNW brings to the Northwest community is invaluable. My husband Tom and I hope you’ll join us in supporting the Photo Center in perpetuity. That’s how critical I believe PCNW is to living an examined life here in the community I love.
— Cynthia Hartwig, patron and community member 

PCNW to me is a vital gathering space for artists, collectors, practitioners and enthusiasts who embrace and promote the power of photography to connect our community, tell important stories and help us see the beauty in the world around us.
— William Holderman, board chair

As a long-time learner, educator and leader at PCNW, I’ve seen the organization from all angles. What I love most are the dynamic components that photography and its passionate supporters bring to the table (or darkroom!) in such an interactive environment. From classroom discussions to Board retreats or printing photographs, there are layers of ideas and opinions which invigorate and inspire every day.
— Adam L. Weintraub, photographer and board member

PCNW brings the world’s photography to Seattle and Seattle’s photography to the world. They’re ambitious, inspiring, provocative, and engaging―sometimes all at the same time. I love PCNW because it continues the great tradition of being a community center for sharing while being an intellectual antidote to the turmoil of the 21st century.
— Tim Greyhavens, long-time community member

I have a place to go and take classes that keep me challenged during the dark rainy winter!    PCNW has created opportunities for networking, growth and a community that helps provide feedback and inspiration for my work. PCNW has made it possible through the community of artists to share gallery space, belong to a photographic collective, get opportunities to show new work via class or exhibitions.
— Constance Brinkley, student, and long-time community member

I’ve been going to PCNW since 1991! Over the years the friendships, exchange of knowledge, and killer facilities have been priceless! We are very lucky to have a school like this in Seattle. Elder, youth, novice, and expert all mingle and share photo wisdom and inspiration!
— Steve Gilbert, volunteer extraordinaire and long-time community member

PHOTOGRAPHIC CENTER NW rejuvenated a creative light in me that had been turned off for a while. PCNW, simultaneously, introduced me to an artistic side that I didn’t know I had! I’m a more well-rounded artist for having attended the school…with beautiful Seattle as it’s backdrop. One of the best decisions I’ve made so far!
— Suzanne Fiore, PCNW alumni, class of 2016

PCNW helped me become the photographer I always wanted to be!  They helped me fulfill my lifetime dream of being a photographer! PCNW help me go from someone who loves taking photos to the photographer I always dreamed of being! I feel like I’ve just begun to scratch the surface of what I am capable of, I look forward to what I’m becoming thanks to PCNW, it’s staff, fellow members for all the amazing classes, programs and especially opportunities to volunteer!
—  Steph Araiza

PCNW is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Contributions are tax-deductible as permitted by law. Federal tax no.91-1561025.

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